For Employers

University career and recruitment services in the Aarresaari network play a significant role in developing universities' working life connections and students' working life orientation. Our shared mission is to promote the high quality placement of students and recent graduates in working life, while supporting the employers' recruitment processes.

Job placement and commissioned final theses strengthen students' working life skills. By hiring a trainee or final thesis writer, you increase the recognition of your company among students and may recruit competent and motivated employees.

Aarresaari's recruitment service and publishing of adverts

Aarresaari's recruitment service offers an efficient way to target a job advertisement, job placement offer or thesis work subject among university students or recently graduated job applicants. One advertisement provides you with access to the recruitment services of 12 universities – you may focus your advertisement widely or just to universities of your choice. You may also focus your search to students of specific disciplines – and do not forget international degree students at the universities.

Universities provide recruitment services according to their own service concepts, for example, they publish job adverts on their websites or intranet sites. Each university accepts which adverts to publish according to their own terms of publication. Links to the platforms on which universities publish adverts have been gathered on contact information page.