Register as an employer

Employers can register to the service and create an account for their organisation. Setting up an account makes placing and monitoring advertisements easy. This is especially useful for those who often place advertisements on the service. This way you do not have to re-enter the organisation's basic information in every form. You can also add several people from the same organisation to the same account. That way several people will be able to manage the advertisements.

Setting up an account
To set up an organisation account, provide the following basic information: name of the employer and business ID/VAT ID and the name and email address of the account administrator.  You will receive a link via email to verify registration. If an account with the same organisation name already exists you can request to be added to the existing account. Creating an organisation account.

After registration, you will be able to manage your advertisements through the account. Login to the organisation account.

Adding and removing users from the account
The person who creates the account automatically becomes the administrator of the organisation. As the administrator, you can add or remove other users from the account. If you want to delete your information and you are the administrator, make sure that at least one administrator remains for the account. You can delete the account by first removing all of the users and then removing your own information. Advertisers have editing rights.

Advertisers can edit the information about their organisations and the advertisements as well as add and remove advertisements.

Removing information from the service
Accounts are removed if they have not been used or logged in for 15 months