Guidelines for advertisers

Here you can find useful information and instructions for advertising jobs, internships and thesis subjects via Valojobs. We update the instructions based on feedback received. Technical support for Valojobs:

General terms for publication

Privacy policy

Instructions for creating ads

Fields of education

General terms for publication

The Valojobs service uses the general terms for publication of the Aarresaari network

Privacy statement and policy

Any personal and employer data in the Valojobs database are treated with confidentiality. Read the Privacy statement for more information.

Instructions for creating ads

  • You can post an advertisement without registering or you can register through your organisationīs account.
  • The advertisement will be automatically removed from the system after the final application date.
  • The advertisement must be in plain text format. You cannot include attachments in the advertisement. You may upload the logo of your organisation or a picture related to the advertisement in the appropriate place.
  • Do not copy text directly from a word processing programme or a PDF document. The system will not correct hyphens, incorrect row divisions or other formatting errors.
  • Fields with a red asterisk (*) next to them are mandatory.
  • You may choose one or more universities as the target for the advertisement. Always select at least one university.
  • The system allows you to edit the advertisement after you have posted it. The link needed for editing will be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the advertiser. The link will remain valid for three (3) months after the final application date. The password required to edit the advertisement is created by the advertiser. Save the password or write it down. The system does not send it to the advertiser. If you forget the password, reset it using the edit link.
  • You can also use the editing link to see which universities have published your advertisement and how many times it has been viewed. You can also create a copy of an old advertisement and publish it again.
  • Should you encounter technical problems, please contact

Check also the tips for creating advertisements


You can set up an account for your organisation and manage advertisements easily. You can add several people from the same organisation to the account. How to register.

Valojobs universities' field of education

Field of education
Education and teacher training University of Lapland
University of Oulu
Social sciences and administration University of Lapland
University of Vaasa
Social and behavioural sciences University of Lapland
University of Oulu
Media, communications and information sector University of Lapland
University of Vaasa
Business and economics University of Lapland
University of Oulu
University of Vaasa
Law University of Lapland
Languages and translation University of Oulu
University of Vaasa
Other humanities University of Oulu
Arts University of Lapland
Mathematics and statistics University of Oulu
University of Vaasa
Other natural sciences University of Oulu
Environmental and life sciences University of Oulu
Information and communication technologies (ICT) University of Oulu
University of Vaasa
Construction and architecture University of Oulu
Other engineering sciences University of Oulu
University of Vaasa
Health and sport sciences University of Oulu
Medicine and dentistry University of Oulu